Name: Sweepstakes - schooner
Rating: Novice
Built: 1867
Length: 119 ft (36.3 m)
Sunk: 1885
Depth: 20 ft (7 m)

The Sweepstakes was stranded near Cove island and towed to Big Tub Harbour but sunk before it was completely salvaged. While a small portion of the stern deck has collapsed, most of the hull, deck, centreboard, windlass and some of the railing is still intact and in place. The hold can easily and safely be accessed, however, Parks Canada has installed barricades to prevent divers swimming under the deck to avoid damaging this fragile wreck. She is an excellent wreck where the water conditions are always a little calmer and warmer than most other sites. As can be seen in the pictures present, the wreck is in shallow, clear and protected water.

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