W. L. Wetmore

Name: W. L. Wetmore
Rating: Novice
Built: 1871
Length: 214 ft (65 m)
Sunk: 1901 in a storm
Depth: 20 ft (7 m)

This is an excellent shallow water dive with several key points to investigate. The port and starboard sides have collapsed and now lie along side the bottom of the hull. At the north end of the wreck, there is a huge oak rudder with a 15' blade, and a sheared off propeller with a 25' long drive shaft. Moving forward to the bow area you can find a large length of anchor chain, hawse pipes, and an impressive anchor. The most notable feature is the ships boiler which rises 15' off the lake bottom. Take some time to examine the construction of ships of this time. You can see excellent examples of scarph joints and hanging knees. This site is also excellent for snorkelers. 

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