Name: Newaygo
Rating: Novice
Built: 1890
Length: 196 ft (60 m)
Sunk: 1903
Depth: 25 ft (8.5 m)

In November 1903, the Newaygo was towing the barge Checotah and attempting to make her way into Tobermory to escape a blinding blizzard. She missed the Devil Island Channel and ran aground on Middle Bank. Today, she rests in a trench between Middle and Northwest banks. This is a shallow and relaxing dive. The largest piece of wreckage is a 100' section of the bottom of the hull. The anchor is located about 40' southeast of the wreck and 2 other pieces of the hull are located about 300' southwest of the wreck. The remains of the boiler can be found south of the main piece of wreckage. The ship's double wheel rests on the top of a ledge about a half mile east of the main wreckage. The most interesting thing about the Newaygo is the very heavy construction. The keelson and frame are made of unusually large and closely spaced oak timbers which are reinforced by iron plate. This is an outstanding wreck for exploration since the secondary pieces of the wreck are rarely visited.  

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