Forest City

Name: Forest City - propeller steamer
Rating: Highly advanced- deep and cold water experience necessary
Built: 1890
Length: 216 ft (66 m)
Sunk: 1904 - rammed Bears Rump Island in a heavy fog
Depth: 60-150 ft (18- 46 m)

The badly broken bow begins in 60 feet of water and steeply drops to a relatively intact stern in 150 feet of water. The most interesting part of the wreck lies between 100' and 150' and should only be attempted by very experienced divers equipped with dive computers and a redundant air supply. The smoke funnel and boilers are in place located at 110 to 130 feet. The stern is reasonably intact and the name Forest City can still be seen on the transom. The stern can be penetrated and much debris can be seen. This wreck provides an eerie environment due to low light, cold water, and nitrogen narcosis.

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