Avalon Voyager

Name: Avalon Voyager
Rating: Novice
Built: 1947
Length: 135 ft (42 m)
Sunk: 1980
Depth: 25 ft (8.5 m)

The Avalon Voyager has been used as crew quarters in the Toronto Harbour in the early 1970s and as a restaurant ship in Kincardine in the late 1970s. She was being moved to Owen Sound in October 1980, when her engine over heated in heavy seas near Tobermory. An attempt to anchor failed as the anchor dragged across the smooth rock lake bottom. She grounded heavily on a ledge near Bonnet Island. The Avalon remained there until the winter of 1982 when vandals set a fire causing her to burn to the waterline. Since then, wave action has further damaged the remaining hull. Despite the fact that this is a novice dive, it is extremely difficult to dive. Private property prevents easy shore access. The lack of a permanent mooring and the smooth rock bottom prevent safe anchoring in prevailing westerly winds. It is only on those rare occasions when a calm east wind will allow safe access.

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