Unknown Wrecks

Name: Unknown
Rating: Intermediate
Built: Unknown
Length: Unknown
Sunk: Unknown
Depth: 50-90 ft (15-27 m)

This author has no knowledge of the unknown wreck at site 19. Sites 20 & 21 include scattered wreckage from an unidentified ship. The most interesting location is just offshore from the Black Point sign on the east of Cove Island. Our boat will anchor at the edge of a rocky slope in 50' of water. To find the wreck, follow the rocky slope down to the edge of the silt and swim south until you come to the arrow. Yes, we have placed rocks on the bottom in the form of an arrow pointing to the largest portion of the wreckage. Take a compass heading and follow the direction of this arrow for about 50 feet and you will find a large section of the hull. If you take a compass heading 90 degrees from your original heading (south) and swim parallel to the rocky slope, you will find masts, a rudder, a centreboard box and other pieces of scattered wreckage. This is an excellent site particularly when strong westerly winds prevent access to many other sites. 

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