San Jacinto

Name: San Jacinto
Rating: Intermediate
Built: 1856
Length: 130 ft
Sunk: 1881
Depth: 85 ft

In June 1881, the San Jacinto was operating in heavy fog while carrying a cargo of corn enroute from Milwaukee to Collingwood when she struck a rock on Manitoba Ledge. It is the most recently discovered natural wreck in the Tobermory area. It is a schooner which was discovered in the late 1980s by Paul LaPointe. It is located outside Fathom Five Park just west of Yeo Island. Both the port and starboard sides have collapsed but the deck is intact. The bow railing is still attached to the sides. The windlass, hatches and keel box can be seen on the deck. Many deadeyes and pulleys are also laying on the deck. The mast with crows-nest still attached is a unique feature. Although the deck has collapsed, this wreck is probably the most complete wreck in the Tobermory area. Due to the distance from Tobermory, this wreck is usually only accessible on perfectly calm days on a full day charter. We usually combine the San Jacinto and the City of Cleveland as a two tank full day charter. This trip is well worth the extra cost and time. 

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