Rentals & Service

We offer a full line of quality rental gear and excellent package deals.

Divers Den provides the the purest air and nitrox fills that that you can get anywhere. We start with the clean fresh Tobermory air and fill our tanks using a state of the art Jordair Bauer compressor and Lawrence Factor filter banks. Our air is regularly tested by TRACE Analytics to ensure maximum gas purity. Our fills meet or exceed the purity of CSA Standard Z275.2-15 Occupational Health and Safety Code for Diving Operations (H). .

Air & Nitrox Services

See our latest air quality report for our AIR and Nitrox systems

Air Fill $10 (hst incl.)
Nitrox Fill - 32% banked $18 (hst incl.)
Nitrox Fill - under 40% $20 (hst incl)
Oxygen $0.60/cf
Rental Tank (24 hours) $7 + air or nitrox fill

Rental Equipment

Rental Tank (24 hours)  $7 + air or nitrox fill
Regulator (with octopus & guages)  $20
Jacket BCD  $20
Wetsuit (2 piece)  $30
Wetsuit (1 piece)  $25
Hood/Boots/Gloves  $5 (each)
Weights & belt  $10
Mask  $10
Fins  $10
Snorkel  $10
Compass  $15
Float & Flag  $15
Computer  $20 
Dive Light  $15 

Complete Rental Gear Packages

Full set SCUBA- One Day (24 hours)   $120
     -Each Additional 24 Hour Period   $70
   Full set SCUBA- 3 Hour Period   $90
   Full set SCUBA incl. 2 tanks (with a boat charter)   $70
    Our complete SCUBA packages include:
- full wetsuit, BC, regulator, weights & belt, mask/fins/snorkel, one tank with air & dive bag

Snorkel Gear Rental Prices

 Full set of snorkel gear including wetsuit
(24 Hours)
   Mask, Fins, Snorkel only (24 Hours) $25

PLEASE NOTE: Our rental equipment has a priority for our scheduled scuba diving and snorkeling trips. Divers Den staff reserve the right to deny rentals to anyone not scheduled on our boats. Rental gear cannot be reserved in advance and is available on a first come first serve basis. Please contact us at the shop by email or 519-596-2363 and we would be happy to answer any questions that you may have.